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Seth Robertson--born and bred in the Chicago Illinois area. Shortly afterwards, he entered Columbia's Engineering School to get a CS degree, joined the CUSFS, started working for the CTR, and married Holly Taylor.

Everything else represents trivial fluctuations in the fabric presented.


Gender:             Male
Height:		    2.01 meters
Gravitation pull:   1300 newtons
Favorite color:     Green
Favorite quotes:    Quotes
Shoe size:          15EEE
Home Address:       11 Rose Street
Home City/State:    Metuchen, NJ 08840
Home Lat/Long/Elv:  40 32' 16.986" N/74 22' 00.449" W/112'
Stratum:	    1
Phone:              +1 732 548 5342
Reading speed:	    47.43 bytes/second (pleasure cruising speed)
Foreign Countries:  Bermuda, Japan, Germany, Australia, Mexico (border), Canada
Employer:           Counter Storm
NIC Handle:	    SR9


Seth's resume is now available.

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